Business Benefits

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Our proprietary ERP solution takes your company to the next level of efficiency. If you need custom software, our experienced team can build to suite your unique needs

Business Benefits

Fast Accounting and Financial Transactions

All financial and accounting transactions are automatically generated in our system and all your financial reporting is done automatically and shown on customized dashboards. Order to cash and procure to pay processes are all handled and updated automatically through a central database without the need for continuous manual updates from different systems.

Faster Implementation

Our consultants will help you set up your entire process in the system within a short amount of time and help train your staff to use the system. Our consultants will also help customize the system and help users make changes in minutes without the need for further programming.  This will significantly reduce the time and cost to go live compared to other competing systems on the market.

Easy Integration of all Modules to a Central Database

InterDept helps your organization easily track accounts receivable and accounts payable and also automate billing and shipping integration with third party shipping companies to shorten lead times to customers and from vendors. We also help you with electronic invoicing and payment capabilities with integration with banking information. All these functions come with adequate and seamless visibility and control locally and anywhere in the world.

Painless Upgrades

All our new releases and upgrades are virtually instantaneous. The new version will be on, once the user logs in to the system. You also have the choice of remaining in an older version if you so choose.

Reduce IT Costs

Your organization will significantly reduce costs associated with IT and operations. You will avoid large up-front capital investments for hardware, software and IT Professionals. You only need an internet connection. We deploy the solution throughout your organization with any internet browser.

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